• Guest Room and Event Space Availability

    Rooms and Usage
    • Rooms E and F are set up as guest rooms
      • Primarily for short term stays (booked at most 2 weeks at a time)
    • Room O has a couch that can sleep one person, but must be available for co-working during weekdays
      • Ideally shorter stays (up to a week at a time) or small events (fits ~6 people cozily)
      • we request that guests in this room pack their belongings so people can use the space during the day
    • Room C is set up as a co-working space and a guest room that sleeps two people
      • Same as Room O
    • The main room is set up for coworking, events, and hanging out, but has couch space for 2-3 people in a pinch
      • Same as Room O


    • Our rooms are intended primarily for short term stays (booked at most 2 weeks at a time)
    • If you need a longer term stay or prefer more personal space/privacy, consider asking around at group houses or using this fb group 
      • Please answer the questions if you request to join, even if you think your connection to the community should be obvious!

    Sliding Scale Pricing

    • The market rate for rooms in Berkeley (especially this close to BART) is $60-80/night. 
    • We want to make short term stays in Berkeley accessible community members, and so offer a sliding scale based on need. 
      • Donations in the $20 - 60/night range would be appreciated
    • If you have the resources and want to help keep REACH running, we would appreciate donations close to market rate, but if it would be a hardship, suggest a rate that would work for you!  
    • If you want something to anchor on, $35 or $40/night is great!
    • If you would like to stay for free and can offer volunteer services (manual labor, cleaning, design work, etc) we can likely come to some sort of arrangement.
      • If you are in crisis, please do not worry about inability to pay or volunteer.  We want to help people in the community, even if you can't give anything in exchange now or in the foreseeable future.

    Other Uses

    • If you're looking for private rooms for 1:1 sessions for career coaching, counseling, massage, etc. let me know and we can talk about availability and pricing.

    Check the sheet below to see if either guest room is available. If there is an unbooked room for the dates you are interested in staying or otherwise using the space, use this form to start the booking process.



    To send a donation, use PayPal.

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