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    Before nominating, please read the Host and Steward Mandate which clarifies these roles and the process for vetting for each of them. Hosts have a subset of the responsibilities held by a Steward. Send in your nominations for either role (both will start with the Host vetting process) here.
    September 30, 2018
    The REACH Panel Voting has concluded.  The members of specific exploratory and investigative committees will be pulled from this pool of people.  These are people you can reach out to for making reports, and if a committee is created about your case, you will have the opportunity to request/veto...
    The Berkeley REACH has been putting together a panel to address reports of misconduct within the community, with members nominated by the local communities served by REACH and voted on by REACH Stakeholders. The voting period is still open, but a committee has been formed based on the preliminary...
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