The Berkeley REACH (Rationality and Effective Altruism Community Hub) is a physical community space for people trying to optimize their lives and their philanthropy.


    We facilitate cooperation between individuals and groups who are trying to improve the world.

  • What is REACH?

    The Berkeley REACH is a gathering place which offers the following:

    Community Events

    A default place to host

    The REACH is available to host private and community-wide events. No need to do an extensive site search or frantically clean your house before and after an event.

    Note: You will need to either provide your own disposable plates, cups, flatware, snacks, etc, or pay to use the ones stocked by the center.

    See the Calendar for upcoming events and to check for availability.


    A place to work on weekdays

    There are couches, chairs, and tables in the main room, as well as a quieter side room that can be used for coworking during the day. When there's enough interest, we do exercise pomodoros (that is, we do focused work for 25 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of chatting and group exercise, with occasional longer breaks).

    Lending Libraries

    A place to keep infrequently used items

    The REACH is a great place to bring books, tools, board games, comics, DVDs, etc. that you aren't likely to need in the next few months and don't mind other people using -- we'll keep track of who has them on loan and make sure that you have first priority if/when you want them back.


    These will be stored separately from the stuff swap items! You can also give instructions for items to remain at the REACH and not be taken home.

    Private Event Venue

    A place to hold occasional private events

    Most events at the REACH should be open to the community, but if you have a private event you want to throw and don't have a venue (e.g. limited guest list dinner party, private movie viewing, etc.), you can pay to reserve the space based on a sliding scale which will vary depending on circumstances.

    If you're looking for private rooms for 1:1 sessions for career coaching, counseling, massage, etc. let me know and we can talk about availability and pricing.


    Please email to inquire about reserving space. Your private event must not conflict with any events already on the calendar (see bottom of this page).

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