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REACH Panel Initial Statement on Brent Case

The Berkeley REACH has been putting together a panel to address reports of misconduct within the community, with members nominated by the local communities served by REACH and voted on by REACH Stakeholders. The voting period is still open, but a committee has been formed based on the preliminary results to investigate the allegations made against Brent, and assess potential risks to community members from Brent’s presence in our shared space. As specified in the panel mandate, disputants were given the names of the potential members and were given a chance to voice concerns about each individual’s presence on the committee.

The members of the investigative committee are Hannah “Alicorn” Blume, Cody Wild, and Paul Crowley. Sarah “Stardust” Spikes is facilitating but is not a member of the panel. We are in touch with CFAR in the wake of the dissolution of ACDC and hope to be able to make our findings useful to them. An exploratory committee was formed prior to these accusations becoming public, to hear and assess the claims by the reporters. That committee has been dissolved in favor of the investigative committee.

Pending the committee’s conclusions, Brent is provisionally barred from REACH. We'll be talking to Brent, to people who have made specific allegations of harms done to them, and to everyone we can who might shed light on this; if you have information you think is relevant, please reach out to us at

At this time we don’t know when we’ll next be making an announcement, but in the meantime we’d like to encourage everyone to be especially kind to one another right now, particularly where your opinions and feelings on this differ.