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REACH Panel Formation

The REACH Panel Voting has concluded.  The members of specific exploratory and investigative committees will be pulled from this pool of people.  These are people you can reach out to for making reports, and if a committee is created about your case, you will have the opportunity to request/veto the involvement of specific individuals in your case.

Ways to report:

  • Reach out to a specific member of the panel (via their preferred contact method, see below).
  • Email the entire panel ( with the fact that you would like to make a report.  Note that this email list goes to everyone in the panel as well as the panel facilitator, Sarah Stardust.
    • You do not need to specify the nature of the report.  You can request to have a specific panel member take your report, or let us choose one for you.  
    • You are also welcome to make the report directly to the entire panel, but you are not required to do so. 

We have started a Q&A about the expected usage of the REACH Panel. If you have a question that is not answered there, please email the question to the address above.

Panel members (preferred contact method):

  • Kelsey Piper (
  • Raymond Arnold (
  • Michael Blume (
  • Hannah "Alicorn" Blume ( ; Alicorn#3154)
  • Blake Jones (
  • Sarah Constantin (
  • Cody Wild (
  • Tilia Bell (,
  • Maia Werbos (
  • Anisha Mauze (
  • Paul Crowley (
  • Tessa Alexanian (
  • Patrick LaVictoire (